Using Credit Cards for International Purchases

Are you planning an international holiday trip, but worried about paying for your purchases? This is great! After all, those who travel without worry end up having many complications.

Please note that most countries accept Visa or Mastercard credit cards – not a rule, but they are the most popular – plus your credit card must be international and eligible for international payments.

Enabling your card is very simple: contact your Card Issuer and explain their situation and ask them if your card is fit for overseas purchases.

Buying abroad is not the same as buying nationally, check out some important differences that should not go unnoticed to you.

International Purchases: Invoice Payment + Taxes

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These fees are not only valid for people traveling abroad, but are applicable for all international purchases made through the internet.

For all purchases outside your country you will pay, in addition to the price of the product, the Financial Transaction Tax (IOF) – which is in the range of 6.38% of the final value of your purchase. In addition, add to this the rate of your credit card plus the dollar rate PTAX – Reference rate for the dollar value, it is calculated during the day by the Central Bank of Brazil.

It is for these reasons that sometimes buying abroad with a credit card becomes unviable. However, we must emphasize that the value of products abroad often come out 3 times cheaper than domestic ones. Therefore, we can say that for many cases it is still advantageous to pay these fees.

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Tips for using credit card abroad

Tips for using credit card abroad

Follow these tips faithfully and promise that you will have an amazing trip without any complications during the trip or post trip.

Have an emergency reservation

Have some money saved, that is invested in a conservative asset that has plenty of liquidity, or that is simply in savings, but within your reach whenever needed.

Emergency booking is extremely helpful in taking you out of any unforeseen events and also in helping you keep track of your credit card bill and avoid future frustrations.

Take physical money if possible!

It’s interesting that you take a small amount of physical money no matter where you go. It is not legal to rely on your card, as in some cases it may fail or in certain situations may not be possible to use it. Ideally, have a card up your sleeve whenever possible.

Notify Your Card Issuer

As noted earlier, it is essential that you notify your card’s financial institution, as for the sake of maintaining its security most carriers block the use of the card abroad.

Are you leaving on the road or are you already planning for the end of the year? That Cool! Leave us feedback if you have any questions about credit card usage or contact us, we will be happy to assist you.

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