The debt consolidation is for whom?

What is called credit redemption operation through the results found using search engines, well it is the fact of consolidating a lot of things like outstanding consumer credit or still outstanding capital real estate loan in one financing.

But it is also possible to redeem debts of all kinds, for example, it is eligible to restructure in a grouping of debts tax arrears and a family or personal debt …

Over-indebted people and loan consolidation!

The customer requests the characteristics of consumer loan consolidation or home loan consolidation are numerous to be the object of borrower profile over-indebted.

It should be known that the repurchase of receivables responds to the solvent borrower profiles, that is to say, who can claim to release the sufficient financial capacity to be able to face the settlements of the maturities of a said loan contracted throughout its lifetime.

As a result, if the claimant is in a situation of over-indebtedness, it is because he is incapable of claiming to be able to pay the sum due (capital + interest) to the lender. It is by definition insolvent, and may be close to personal bankruptcy!

To be more coherent in the explanation given, an over-indebted person must turn towards the Banque de France in order to file an over-indebtedness file. An approach that aims to solve the problem related to budgetary and financial problems.

The repurchase of credit is for debtors badly indebted!

Credit buy-back files that end in a favorable opinion are financial studies whose financial ratios are favorable to the creditor’s criteria and standards of acceptance (debt ratio after the transaction, residual income per person also known as residual …) and not files whose state is close to bankruptcy.

Specialized banks and credit restructuring brokers have debt consolidation solutions for people who are badly indebted and not over-indebted!

In the first case, the borrowing (s) have a hard time managing their financial budget, but they release sufficient repayment capacity to a possible financing consolidation of consumer credit or renegotiation of mortgage credit. It is simply a question of redeveloping their financial burdens and it is time for a sound and sustainable mastery of the budget.

In the second case, unfortunately, no bank can intervene on customer requests whose risk of insolvency is potentially probable. Consumer credit houses do their utmost to avoid untimely default during the amortization of the money lending contract.

The best offers for payday loans no credit check

Discover the best payday loans available online that currently exist in the market. From minicréditos to get money in 15 minutes to personal loans with which to get up to 60,000 euros online. 

Types of online consumer loans there are

Although a few years ago the only way to obtain financing was through banking entities, today we can find a wide range of consumer loan offers with different characteristics and advantages, each type to meet a type of need. Discover the different types of online consumer loans that we can find:

  • Quick mini-credits: these are loans with which to obtain small amounts of money very quickly, between 300 and 700 euros maximum, to be reimbursed in a period no longer than 30 days. Its cost is around 1.1% daily and must be returned in a single payment of the principal plus interest. These consumer loans are created to obtain extra liquidity at specific moments. These credits do not require to be clients or change banks to be able to request them.
  • Personal loans: these are loans designed to carry out projects of a different nature that require a larger budget. They offer amounts from 3,000 euros and up to 60,000 euros. Its repayment period is between 12 months and 10 years, depending on the amount requested, and its cost ranges around 8% APR. We can find these personal loans in both banks and financial institutions.

According to our profile, the need for credit, the purpose for which we require the money or the speed with which we need it, it will be convenient to go to one type or another. Knowing the offers of consumer loans will help us to choose more adequately our needs.

How to differentiate the best offers of consumer loans

There are many variables that will directly or indirectly affect the cost of financing that we want to hire. In addition to interest, other factors such as commissions, term or connections will also have an important part in calculating the interest we will pay in total. Therefore, it is important to take into account the factors that affect loans in order to differentiate the best offers of consumer loans:

  • Interests: it is one of the most important factors to take into account, although not the only one. In addition to looking at the TIN (the interest we will pay for the credit), it will also be necessary to take into account the APR, since this percentage includes both interest and other costs such as commissions. In addition, the APR will be the way to compare between offers of consumer loans from different entities, since it is a percentage that is present in all the credits. The current average APR of consumer loans is around 8.5%.
  • Commissions: the formalization, opening, and study are the most important as they must be paid along with the first installment of reimbursement. These commissions are between 1% and 3% of the requested capital. When having to pay them together with the first installment, this supposes a greater economic effort. The best personal loan offers are those that do not have formalization fees.
  • Linkages: these are products that we must hire to access credit. These links can be free (payroll or receipts), in which case it will only involve one more procedure for the contract, or with an additional cost (payment insurance or credit card), in which case they will make the credit more expensive. The best thing is to look for consumer credit offers without links.
  • Term: it is the least striking variable, but it occupies an important place when it comes to generating interest. These interests are calculated based on the amount that we request and during the time that we are repaying the loan. In this way, the shorter the term we choose, the less interest will be generated.

In short, a loan with an APR below 8%, without mandatory bindings, without formalization fees and allowing a certain flexibility in terms of shortages or change of term will be a good offer.

How to calculate the cost of consumer loans

As we have seen, the variables to be taken into account to calculate the cost of consumer loans are many. For this reason, using a loan simulator is a good alternative to calculate how much we will pay for the loan that we want to contract depending on the amount and the term we choose. We can find these simulators when we want to hire an online loan, although it is also possible to use external calculators such as With the following calculator we can find out according to the variables that we choose how much we will pay in total and perform different scenarios according to the variables that we change:

Rights when contracting a consumer credit

Law 16/2011, of June 24, on consumer credit agreements, is the consumer credit law that regulates the contracts for all loans destined to finance the needs of Spanish households. When we hire a personal loan and we sign the contract we are giving the consent that we have read, understand and agree with the rights and obligations that appear in it. Therefore, it is essential to understand well what we hold and read carefully all the clauses that appear as well as ask any questions that may arise during the reading.

The best applications to search for a job

Finding yourself in the situation of looking for a job is not pleasant, since in many occasions, due to the economic situation that the country is experiencing, you can not find what you are looking for.

That is why we often ask ourselves questions such as: where to look for a job? Or how to find a job so you could  pay off payday loans and get rid of your payday debt?

In the past, it was normal to leave curriculums on paper in all the places where we would like to work (whether or not they had a vacancy). Now, fortunately, we can do it from the comfort of our sofa. How? With the Apps to look for work.

A few years ago people were reluctant to use this type of applications, but over the years it has been shown that they are absolutely necessary, especially if you want to access technical positions.

What kind of App to search for work exist?

What kind of App to search for work exist?


As we have said, over time many applications have emerged to find work, benefiting those who are looking for a job, as there are many more offers.
Then we will talk about all those essential Apps when looking for a job so you do not leave an offer without looking.



Known by all, the Infojobs App makes it very easy for us to find the job offer that best suits us.

 Infojobs has been in the market for many years and knows how to do things, that is why it has a large number of filters to make finding a job easier. In addition, many years of experience have made many companies have it to publish their job offers, so the number of these is higher than in other job search applications.

In addition to its easy operation when looking for work, Infojobs lets you know in real time the status of your application, showing if the company has read your resume if you are still in the processor if you have been discarded.
It also has a subscription of alerts, which will make you receive by email the job offers that best suit your search.

Job today


An App to find work far from the conventional since its operation is more like a social network than a job search application. It is focused to a greater extent on the commerce and hospitality sectors.

When applying for a job offer, you can chat with the responsible company and guarantee a response to your request within a maximum period of 24 hours.

Jobandtalent was born with the idea of eradicating unemployment and for this has made a job search App with a very easy to use interface, so that you only worry about applying to the offer that most interests you, without complications.

In Jobandtalent you can find job offers of all kinds, from catering to an accountant, to mechanic or sales clerk.

As you can see, if you are a dynamic person and you defend yourself in different jobs, this application could be the one that will take you to your next job.

One of the peculiarities that Jobandtalent has is that you can synchronize your LinkedIn account, so you will not have to fill out the entire CV by hand. In addition, it also offers administrative services such as payroll management, contract signing or calculation of hours worked. Your mission? Make your life easier

Corner job


Another job search app very well optimized. Like Job today, you have a chat so you can communicate with the company that has published the offer and thus specify a date for a possible personal interview.

You will find job offers from different sectors, although in most cases they tend to be from the service sector in general and the hotel industry in particular.



LinkedIn began as the social network of professionals, a network to talk only about work and things related to it. What has happened over the years? Companies have seen the potential of this social network and have taken advantage of it to perfection, publishing their job offers in the same LinkedIn application.

LinkedIn allows you, with its multiple filters, to search for the most suitable offer taking into account your skills and knowledge, your location, your level of studies, experience, etc. So you’ll find what you’re looking for sure.

Tip: use the offer notices, they will save you search time.

A classic among job seekers. Indeed it has been on the network for a long time and users continue to trust it thanks to its practicality. Why do we say this? Because Indeed does not require us to fill out any long form, but you can subscribe to all the offers by attaching the CV that you have done in Word or PDF format.

This differentiating aspect makes me add many points to the person looking for a job, since she is tired of filling out infinite forms, always putting the same data.

Bonus: Google tool to search for work

Bonus: Google tool to search for work


In addition to all these job search applications, this 2018 has emerged a very powerful and very convenient alternative. Neither more nor less, Google has incorporated a job search engine in its search engine.

What do you get using this option? Very simple: do not go page by page or App by App looking for job offers, since in the list offered by Google, all job offers will be published and where they are posted. Of course, it will not prevent you from having to enter the page where the offer is posted and send the curriculum around.

How is it used? It’s very easy: you have to put in the search engine the job you are looking for + the city + work.

For example waiter Madrid work

It’s over to go hand-in-hand currículums, touring the entire city and waiting for weeks to receive an answer. Now you have it very easy to look for work, you will only need patience and a mobile or tablet with the internet.

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